Nondestructive testing (NDT)

Isotope-free testing, with a sufficiently powerful x-ray generator.

You don’t have to trouble yourself with an overly demanding pace and accurate timing, necessary for the effective use of short half-life period isotopes. Applying, carrying and storing x-ray generators emitting ionising radiation is much simpler than that of isotopes. Although they don’t substitute them in every testing process, in several areas they can replace them entirely. Beside the high resolution electronic detector panel, the traditional film is still applicable as a radiographic displaying device for imaging.

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 Main features of NOVO DR:

Very high
image quality

with the application of the most developed sensors and patented algorithm


the entire device is lighter and more easily portable than most similar products, and it can continuously operate for more than 16 hours with its built-in battery

Effective user experience

the system ensures simple controlling and image analysis with native touch screen software on one or more tablets simultaneously to enhance safety and productivity

Optimised for field-application
  • the systems are highly enduring

  • designed for the worst operating environment

  • are fully weather-proof


simple use, quick and professional support

Copyright © 2020 RIEL Electronic Ltd.

Copyright © 2020 RIEL Electronic Ltd.

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