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Inspection of people and baggages

Baggage inspection with X-ray

The single- or dual-view baggage x-ray machines provide great support for quick and safe inspection of baggages, bags and parcels entering and exiting the perimeter.

The machines can distinguish between organic and inorganic matter during the inspection. Explosives and large amounts of drugs are automatically framed on the x-ray image. The computer saves every image of the radiographed objects, bags, making future control possible.


Metal detector gates and handheld metal detectors


Metal detector gates and handheld metal detectors are suitable for quick, effective and discrete inspection of people.

Inspection helps find hidden, dangerous objects on the body or concealed in clothes, and it is also capable of preventing theft at the exit points of production plants with installed metal detector gates.

Explosive trace detector

This equipment is suitable for detecting explosives and drugs. After a simple sampling it can quickly and accurately determine the presence of different substances, their traces or their presence on contaminated materials. The sampling can be from any surface (metal, plastic, wood, skin, clothing), and the presence of a few molecules is sufficient for the exact detection of explosives or drugs.

Postal mail and parcel inspection

MailSecur™ is a unique, millimeter-wave technology, 3D, real-time imaging equipment, that is harmless for human health, and displays the content of mails and packages. It revolutionizes the inspection of postal mails and small packages, making it faster and more effective.

The MailSecur™ machine is designed to identify deceiving and panic-monger mails. It is a very cost-effective technology, can be installed everywhere, and easily transferred.

If the traditional devices fail, the MailSecur™ surely detects suspicious powders and liquids, even in atomic amounts. The device recognizes mail bombs, traditional chemical agents as well as 3D printed weapons. It simply sees everything within the mail or package.

Cell phone detector


This appliance is specially designed to detect cell phones and dictaphones even when switched off or disassembled.

It helps to prevent any voice or image recording device from being taken into a protected area (office, confidential business negotiation, prison, production hall, language exam center etc.).

Thermal cameras for body temperature measurement


This thermal camera is specially designed to give an accurate reading within the human body temperature range, and is able to detect with ±0,5 °C accuracy, without further calibration.

It is suitable for quick, accurate and contact-free operation.

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