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Vehicle and cargo inspection

Under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS)

The mobile or fixed UVSS ensures the quick and effective inspection of automobiles. It speeds up the inspection process at car entrances and increases effectiveness.

The system is suitable for detecting different explosives, weapons as well as goods and materials. It has been proven that nowadays traditional inspection with a mirror can’t reliably detect forbidden objects fastened to the vehicle’s chassis.

The UVSS offers an up-to-date, secure and fast solution to this problem.


Vital sign detecting devices

Vital sign detecting devices are electronic devices searching for human presence with a probe or probe system. The purpose is either preventing deceit such as hiding or in case of natural disasters to find survivors quickly.

The device can rapidly and very accurately detect hiding people on road vehicles, railways, watercrafts and aeroplanes, and thus prevents escaping from a prison or illegal migration. The same technology is suitable for detecting survivors of a natural disaster (avalanche, flood, earthquake).


Explosive trace detector

This device is suitable for detecting explosives and drugs. After a simple sampling it can quickly and accurately determine the presence of different substances, their traces or their presence on contaminated materials.

The sample can be taken from any surface (metal, plastic, car tapestry, tyre) and the presence of a few molecules is sufficient for the exact detection of explosives or drugs.

Cargo inspection

X-ray machines with large tunnels (100x100 cm or above) are designed for inspecting cargo. Cargo x-rays are suitable for quick inspection of every sort of pallet, bulk and unique-sized goods. They have a daily capacity of several tons.

Radiation portal monitors (RPM)

These mobile or fixed x-ray devices are designed for radioscoping lorries, vans and buses. They are suitable for exploring hiding persons or smuggled goods without unloading the vehicle or even manual inspection of the delivery space.

Despite the several dozen cubic meter inspection capacity, the devices have such a high resolution, that even a small handgun can be recognised on the x-ray image.

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