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Devices and various equipment in our division’s portfolio offer reliable and safe solutions in many cases. The baggage X-ray devices, metal detector gates and handheld metal detectors as well as explosive trace detectors are effective, fast and privacy-respecting checking devices at points of entry and exit. The devices we offer help the easy detection of hidden objects in packages, clothes or on the human body. The objects and materials we need to search for, are greatly determined by our location. In a production plant for example, it’s important that dangerous objects don’t enter the building and at the exit point to control that no object belonging to the plant is stolen. At state institutions, points of entry rather than exit points come under more scrutiny.
In case of protected objects, borders, prisons and critical infrastructure not only persons and packages, but cargo and vehicles are also entirely checked. This is carried out by cargo and vehicle scanning x-ray as well as UVSS devices. In specific cases vital sign detecting devices can find people hiding among cargo items or under a van’s chassis.
We offer technologies for product quality checking and devices for quality checking of raw materials and end-products wherever material is produced. We have solutions for several other special areas, e.g. industrial equipment for non-destructive testing, anti-bomb protection devices for pyrotechnical processes, demolition expert robots, manipulation and other devices as well as reagents, and signaling, measuring and analyzing devices for detecting and averting CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) threats.
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