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nuctech logo
NUCTECH is a world-wide known, leading and dynamically developing company specialized in detecting explosives and dangerous devices. It was established in 1997 at Tsinghua University (China), and it still belongs to it this day. R&D is done there. Devices are sold in more than 130 countries. RIEL Electronic Ltd. is the Hungarian representative of Nuctech, and offers its products to national, industrial and private customers.
ELEKTRAL is a Turkish company established in 1978, that produces metal detectors with outstanding producing technology and quality certificates. The production takes place at a nearly 20.000 m2 production plant. All the product components are manufactured locally, by the production plant. The company has its own producing, assembling, die-casting and plastic-casting production lines and production plant. They place a special emphasis on R&D, that is made in cooperation with a German research laboratory. Their products are of high quality and have several references world-wide.
Hikvision logo
Hikvision is the world’s leading innovative supplier of security industry products and services. Their products deploy cutting edge technologies. The broad range of Hikvision video surveillance products contain baseline TurboHD systems, IP devices with new generation DarkFighter and PanoVu technology as well as thermal cameras designed for body temperature measurement. Access control systems can be integrated into the existing Hikvision video surveillance solutions, thus the product supply can function as a diverse and entire security system. The systems are connected and integrated by HikCentral, their newest central video management software.
NOVO DR Ltd. offers the highest image quality in the area of non-destructive testing with handheld digital x-ray devices. NOVO DR’s robust and reliable systems as well as their high resolution x-ray images make them one of the best companies in the market. Their intuitive and easy-to-use products are incredibly professional. The devices are designed and produced by NOVOs highly experienced team.
raysecur safe accessible detection logo
RaySecur was established by Eric Giroux to provide unique solutions for personal security. Companies are often exposed to vulnerability due to gaps on their physical security system. RaySecur found a safe alternative based on their many years of experience. Instead of dangerous technology of cobalt-, iridium-, gamma- and x-ray based traditional security imaging, they developed a more effective and safer method.
Fundamental reasons to choose this new technology are:
* mail and package delivery is generally the chain’s weakest link in an organisation’s security system
* deceiving and panic-monger mails can cause economic harm, too
* challenges can be handled successfully only with new technology
berkeley logo
Under the direction of Scott Schober, CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) designs and manufactures world-class wireless security, test, safety and cybersecurity products for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations to manage secure facilities and maintain wireless networks. The sharp uptick of cybersecurity attacks in recent years has lead BVS to develop content and curriculum to educate small businesses and large enterprise groups on a variety of cybersecurity topics including ransomware, credit card skimming, drone security and of course Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G/5G wireless threat detection products. Berkeley Varitronics lives right at the intersection of wireless security and cybersecurity.
ChemSee-logo_Rajztábla 1.png
Appealing Products, Inc. and its marketing arm,, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified high-technology research and development company located in Raleigh, North Carolina that develops, manufactures and markets safety products for a wide range of fields and applications.  ChemSee specializes in developing methods and technology that can be used by laymen to obtain results immediately on-site without needing expensive equipment or sophisticated laboratories.
finsecpro logo
Safety, security, efficiency, reliability. Finsecpro has competence and experience to support demanding security and safety training, and consultancy operations. Finsecpro staff consist of the most experienced people with long term experience in domestic and international civil aviation, maritime and government organizations. It provides services to international consortiums, airlines, airports, seaports, and authorities in Europe as well as overseas.
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