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Renting possibilities of the metal detector gates, baggage inspection x-rays and portable metal detectors:

✔ Long-term and Short-term rental

✔ Continuous service during the rental period (24/7/365)


NESTRON VW-18Z, the metal detector gate of the RIEL

Events in Budapest, where these works perfectly: 

  • International football event

  • Eucharistic Congress

  • "One with Nature" World Hunting and Nature Exhibition

  • International Mucis gala

  • International handball championship 

  • World Championship of swimming 

  • International religious event

6+1 arguments for renting the Nestron metal detector gate:

1. It is characterized by reliable and stable operation.

2. It can be easily setup to operation within 5 seconds.

3. It is characterized by a high degree of immunity against mechanical magnetic and electromagnetic disturbances.

4. Accurately detects metal objects from head to toe.

5. It offers flexible setting options.

6. It works without interference even when 100 detector gates are placed next to each other.

+1. Cost-efficient

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