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Manta Ray cell phone detector

Manta Ray™ is the answer to the growing problem of unauthorized or illegal contraband cell phone use in correctional facilities, government buildings, corporate environments, universities & law enforcement agencies. Berkeley’s unique ferromagnetic detection device is a close range security scanner for concealed mobile phones (ON or OFF and even with battery removed), tablets, laptops and even weapons. Manta Ray™ differs from traditional metal detectors in that it scans for ferromagnetic materials common to all cell phones, not just metal. This reduces false triggers* such as watches, keys, coins, belt buckles and other common metal items that trigger standard metal detection. It also makes Manta Ray much more sensitive than standard metal detecting wands that fail to detect cell phones which are increasingly made from plastic. Manta Ray™ is the perfect tool for any security detail tasked with rapid scans of many targets including people, packages, bags, briefcases, purses & more. Manta Ray™ supports both HANDHELD and all new STATIONARY mode for ultra-sensitive package inspections and is designed and manufactured entirely in the U.S.A..

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