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Sentryhound Pro

SentryHound-Pro™ Ferromagnetic Contraband Portal is a dual pole (also works as a single pole) solution to detect unauthorized or illegal PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) including cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, wearables and even weapons including guns and knives. SentryHound-Pro’s ferromagnetic inspection zones are highly sensitive to trace amounts of ferrous material found in plastic cell phones and miniaturized electronics. These same cell phones slip through regular metal detection but not SentryHound-Pro because of its sensitivity, unique motion detection and enhanced false trigger rejection. Standard metal detectors falsely trigger on all kinds of commonly used metals including titanium found in medical and prosthetic implants and aluminum used in everyday containers but not SentryHound-Pro. This allows for a rapid security checkpoint of pockets, bags, purses, clothing and even body cavities.

Use a single pole for impromptu checkpoints, doorways and wall mounted ferromagnetic inspection zones.

Use dual pole configuration (wirelessly tethered) to minimize false triggers and expand detection range over 5 feet wide.

Setup is simple and can be done anywhere – Plug and play out of the box with less than 30 seconds from powering up to full operation. No software or assembly required. SentryHound-Pro ferromagnetic contraband portal is lightweight (only 17 pounds per pole) so it can be easily transported and deployed by any security personnel instantly. Unlike most walk-through or gated metal detection systems, SentryHound-Pro detects full head-to-toe (75 inches) with light-up zones to pinpoint the area or zone of interest. The domed, omnidirectional alert is highly visible and the audible alert can be easily adjusted for maximum effect. SentryHound-Pro Ferromagnetic Contraband Portal is fully sealed against the elements for rugged indoor and outdoor use. It contains a sealed gel cell internal rechargeable battery for a full day of continuous power anywhere if needed. SentryHound-Pro also features security key lock and dry trigger contacts for alarms, DVRs, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems as well as our popular WallHound Cell Phone Detector & Deterrent.

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