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WallHound™ detects and deters individuals from using Cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices in areas they are normally restricted, unauthorized or illegal. It works by detecting all nearby wireless activity including voice, data and texts from 3G/4G/5G (non-mm wave frequencies) devices. Once detected, WallHound alerts security staff and anyone else within earshot with a bright, flashing LED ‘no cell phone’ sign and loud, custom audio messages set by the security staff. Sensitivity and alert volumes are fully adjustable and also key lockable to ensure no tampering occurs.

WallHound’s strength lies in its ease of use and ability to function fully unattended. This frees up security personnel for more pressing duties while reminding visitors that cell phones are prohibited making WallHound ideal for correctional facilities, border security, court rooms, secure government facilities or anywhere people need to be reminded about cell phone policies.

WallHound supports ($250 option) DF (Direction Finding) antenna for targeted detection including Bluetooth detection and Wi-Fi detection.

WallHound is the culmination of years of cell phone detection expertise by Berkeley Varitronics Systems, a 48 year old, privately-owned security and wireless detection company in NJ. An advanced cell phone detection engine ensures that WallHound detects only active cell phones and not other wireless devices such as bluetooth or Wi-Fi minimizing false triggers. Like a roadside vehicle speed warning display, WallHound is always scanning for active phone use automatically so no security personnel are required to monitor or intervene. And the detection sensitivity, alert intensity and audio message and volume are all fully adjustable to suit any environment.

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