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Yorkie Pro Wireless Intrusion Detection System

Yorkie-Pro™ wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) is a handheld receiver designed for any wireless security audit of data-sensitive government, law enforcement, military and critical infrastructure facilities. Yorkie-Pro detects and sweeps all nearby wireless PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) including Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) channels using a high-speed receiver engine in conjunction with a Wi-Fi/BT/BLE demodulator.
•    All-in-one handheld WIDS locates suspicious Cellular, Wi-Fi and BT/BLE devices
•    Detected all cellular 3G/4G/5G devices (non-mm wave frequencies)
•    Thresholds, frequency analysis and whitelisting for advanced wireless security audits and TSCM
•    Direction finding support for all wireless detection
•    Full data logging and data snapshots for later analysis
•    Full CW detection combined with dual band demodulation for comprehensive wireless surveys
•    Multi-band measurements allowing profiling of all cellular detection
•    Frequency and time domain RF measurements for both on-the-go and fixed monitoring surveys
•    Designed and manufactured entirely in the USA

Yorkie-Pro’s passive receiver covertly ensures all RF is detected, even RF interference and rogue devices invisible to the network. This means that all cellular 3G/4G/5G (non-mm wave frequencies) RF (texts, voice and data) are detected – even RF pings to/from a cell phone in standby mode. This also means that Yorkie-Pro’s cellular receiver can locate contraband phones, unauthorized bluetooth devices, rogue Wi-Fi APs and more using a specially designed direction finding antenna system.

Yorkie-Pro contains a dual-band demodulating receiver for connection to any known bluetooth, BLE or Wi-Fi access point. Yorkie-Pro not only tracks and locates their whereabouts, but also provides detailed identifiers and security information for each device. Yorkie-Pro generates whitelists of known devices. This allows security personnel to easily focus on true wireless threats.

Yorkie-Pro’s light weight, sleek profile and color touchscreen make it ideal for wireless security audits requiring a NO WIRELESS policy in any facility. Small enough to fit into most pockets for vibrating alerts, Yorkie-Pro can also handle desktop duty as an all day wireless activity monitor. Go handheld with Yorkie-Pro to sniff out all active cell phones use up to 150 feet away indoors and then swap the omni antenna for a direction finding antenna allowing outdoors ranges up to 1 mile away.

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